Glubikan News

1. joulu, 2013
Glubikan receives AAA Platinum rating
Glubikan Ltd. is awarded the The Strongest in Finland Platinum

The certificate is a proof of Glubikan's creditworthiness, reliability and excellent solvency.

The award is a special certification for companies whose Rating Alfa credit classification has been AAA or AA+ for at least three consecutive years.
11. touko, 2014
Glubikan Spring Meeting 2014
Glubikan's annual spring meeting was held in Porvoo, Finland. Economic outlook remains stable and the company continues to focuse on innovations and product development.
19. loka, 2014
Glubikan joins Twitter
You can now also find @glubikan on Twitter.
3. tammi, 2015
Glubikan wishes a Happy and Prosperous New Year
We wish a succesful year to all of our customers, existing and potential.